Apis - Strega


STREGA is an intelligent system for the automatic tare reading on LPG cylinder labels, similar to what SINDACO makes for the test date, and is encompassed, together with a third system (SEVERO, in a project for the automation of plants in charge of the management of LPG cylinders.

In the LPG cylinders refill process, the cylinders are positioned on a conveyor belt, and conducted to the carousel for bottling. The carousel is a revolving structure on which dispensers for LPG and weighing devices are installed. Since the cylinders almost never arrive to the plant completely empty, and have different tare from piece to piece, they are “taken care of” by a worker who:

  • places the cylinder on the carousel scale,
  • calculates the difference between the detected gross weight and the tare (as typed on a suitable label),
  • thereby determines the amount of LPG present in the cylinder;
  • and then proceeds, by means of a manual filler, to introduce the strictly necessary amount of LPG.

The whole process is not only aimed at saving LPG, but also (and above all) to avoid overload of the container, which must provide a air-room of 20% in volume, to avoid explosions, that would occur in case of temperature increment (for example, prolonged exposure to the sun).
STREGA, automatic reading the tare, allows to completely avoid human intervention, interfacing with an electronic balance and a controlled injector module.

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