Politecnico di Bari

APIS – Apulia Intelligent Systems is a spin off of Polytechnic of Bari, built by researchers and highly skilled engineers. Our R&D Team comes out from a twenty years research activity in the field of intelligent systems, conducted in renowned universities and institutes, and that, thanks to various public funds for approximately 9 Meuro, has produced many scientific publications and several international industrial patents.

Our mission is to transfer our know-how to companies and industries that wish to innovate by adopting customized intelligent systems.

In fact, our core business consists in designing, producing, engineering and installing systems capable of synthesizing, processing and interpreting the information flow received from sensors (usually, but not only, cameras), and to make autonomous decisions for supporting the automation of industrial processes (Industry 4.0, quality controls, …), diagnostics (monitoring and -even 3D- inspections of products and infrastructures, non-destructive testing, …) as well as security (safety at work, personal identification, smart video surveillance, …).