Key Strengths

Apis - Key Strengths

APIS offers its customers the following key strengths:

  • Customer-oriented workflow.
    …To recognize their problems, address critical issues, and solve them thanks to a customized intelligent system that remains updated even after any changes in the production process.
  • Know-how and deep awareness of the on-the-edge highlights on research findings and innovative technologies.
    …APIS evolves from over twenty-years research conducted in the field of computer architecture and computer vision.

    The competence in these areas is kept continuously updated by the active participation in projects, international conferences and scientific committees.
  • Skills ranging from hardware to software.
    …The systems we are able to develop, can not only require a high level of intelligence (software), but also operate in contexts where fast and/or real-time analysis are required, thus exploiting special hardware solutions.

    In addition to a deep knowledge of a variety of development environments, tools and software libraries, our R&D Team has created several proprietary high-performance methodologies, which often constitute the bricks for building the solutions of the customer’s specific problem.
    Mastery of multithreading programming for multicore CPUs, use GP-GPUs as a parallel computer through CUDA and OpenGL technology, as well as embedded coprocessors embedding DSPs and FPGAs, ensure to our systems real time performance even under extremely critical conditions.
  • Independence for the choice of the «ingredients».
    …APIS is not a «brands» reseller.

    This means that in designing its systems, APIS can choose without commercial constraints both hardware components (mechanical devices, sensors, computing platforms) and software (development environments), having the only aim of achieving the optimum solution for the specific problem, eventually also defining a hybrid apparatus, based on the best components and technologies by different manufacturers.
  • Customized solutions.
    …APIS does not sell «on the shelf products», but looks at customers having specific needs or problems, whose solution is not available on the market.

    APIS offers its scientific and technical capabilities for approaching problems which are currently unsolved by the existing devices or machines, which are usually conceived for a broad market (hence generic), and therefore unlikely are effective (nor optimal…) in the particularities of a specific production reality.