Apis - Workflow

Our intelligent systems are “tailored” thanks to a close interaction with the customer, in which his critical issues are perceived and resolved. Moreover, they may also be accompanied by support and evolutions that keep them upgraded, coherently with any changes in the production process in which they are armed.

More in detail, APIS approaches problems with a precise and proven workflow involving the following steps:

  • Inspection on site and (once signed a NDA) exchange of information, aiming at identifying critical and/or improvable issues;
  • Proposal of a resolving/improvement system (whose achievable performance can eventually be proved by a feasibility study);
  • Evaluation and approval by the customer;
  • Supply contract and order;
  • Design;
  • Development;
  • Engineering;
  • Installation;
  • Testing;
  • Training and tutoring;
  • Support and upgrades.