Apis - Patents
Our Researchers developed several inventions over the years.
In particular, the following national patents:
  • AA.VV. Sensore per la Ricostruzione Ambientale Tridimensionale ad Alta Precisione. Patent filed (RM 2009 number A 000367).
  • AA.VV. Metodo e sistema automatico di ispezione visuale in tempo reale di un’infrastruttura. Patent filed (RM 2005 A 000381).

were registered by the National Research Council (CNR), as well as the international patents listed below, registered either by the CNR, or by the INTEL Corporation have among their inventors, APIS’s researchers:

  • AA.VV. The compression of colour images based on a 2-dimensional discrete wavelet transform yielding a perceptually lossless image. Patent filed in the United States, owned by Intel Corporation, approved by the US Patent & Trademark Office on November 28, 2000 (Num. 6154493), also filed in:
    • Great Britain (number: GB2353661);
    • Taiwan (number: TW453120);
    • Japan (number: JP2002516540);
    • Germany (number: DE19983253);
    • Australia (number: AU3989399);
    • WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization, number WO9960793).
  •  AA.VV., Real-time Algorithms and Architectures for Coding Images Compressed by DWT-Based Techniques. Patent filed in the United States owned by Intel Corporation, approved by the US Patent & Trademark Office on September 26, 2000 (Num. 6124811), also filed in:
    • Europe (number: EP1095459);
    • Taiwan (number: TW453049);
    • Japan (number: JP2002520899);
    • Australia (number: AU4861199);
    • WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization, numero WO0002319).
  •  AA.VV., Automatic Method and System for Infrastructure Visual Inspection. International patent, owned by CNR, registered on July 17, 2006 and published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on January 25 2007 (Ref. WO 2007/010473 A2), also filed in: