PARFIW (Projective Augmented Reality For Industrial Workbench) is a workbench for industrial maintenance, that exploits augmented reality (AR) to make easier and more intuitive to the operator the various stages of maintenance procedures, such as disassembly and assembly of mechanical parts.
The strength of PARFIW is its AR projective approach, thanks to which, the AR contents that PARFIW pantries are consumed via video projector, and therefore, the user neither needs to use the display nor wear smart-glasses.

The system, developed in collaboration with the DM3 of Polytechnic of Bari, includes:

  • an authoring tool to edit the tree-structured virtual manuals, enriched by multimedia contents
  • an artificial vision engine for the continuous tracking of the target of maintenance
  • a calibration tool to make sure that the projected contents precisely collimate the target of maintenance (especially in the case of graphical indications relating to the components’ placement locations, in the assembly phase)
  • a hardware structure comprising:
    • illuminators
    • camera for tracking and referencing the target of maintenance
    • video projector for projecting AR contents
    • joystick for selecting the maintenance procedure, and browsing through its phases and sub-phases

Demo video

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