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APIS is a Spin Off of the Polytechnic of Bari. Its main core business concerns design, construction, engineering and installation of intelligent systems aimed to automate industrial processes (Industry 4.0, quality controls, ...), perform diagnostics (monitorings and inspections, even 3-D, of products and infrastructures, non-destructive testing, ...), and provide security (job security, personal identification, smart video-surveillance, ...).

Research is the bedrock on which innovation flourishes

APIS arises from a "20+ years long" research activity at Polytechnic of Bari and other important International Institutes, that has led to develop an extensive know-how about the "intelligent systems"

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Lots of scientific publications, several patents and various research projects supported by public funds

Customized solutions

Close interaction with the customers, in order to understand and solve their critical issues

High performances

Design and implementation on specialized hardware / high-performant parallel computing systems

The last product by APIS is DISS - DIagnostics for Solar Systems is the only platform that automatically provides a very detailed infrared diagnosis of a PV module.
The innovative protocol implemented by DISS constitutes the new frontier for the thermographic diagnostics of photovoltaic modules, and it is now available to any O&M operators via cloud computing.
DISS requires approximately 1 minute, since the uploading of an IR image by the User, for automatically analyzing it and generating a deeply accurate "ready to print" multi-language diagnostic report. Therefore, it impressively reduces the time required to the O&M Technicians.


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