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Apis - 3D Lab


3DLab is a software platform for perform interferometric three-dimensional reconstructions. The platform includes, in a integrated GUI, a number of features including:

  • correction of optical distortions;
  • set the acquisition parameters of the camera;
  • remote monitoring (via serial port) and control of the fringe projectors;
  • remote control of the set-up geometry;
  • both the working modalities of “off-line” (to reconstruct the 3D meshes from images or recorded video) and “on-line” (to reconstruct the 3D mesh processing directly the frames as soon as they are captured by a camera);
  • both the working modalities on pairs of images and on single image (stereo illuminated);
  • possibility of expanding the frequency resolution by interpolation;
  • large configurability of the filters in the frequency domain (“elliptical”, “rectangular” and “contour” shapes);
  • design of the filter attenuation profile;
  • high level of automation in detecting and centering the modal peaks.

These aspects, which give the system a high level of configurability, make 3DLab ideal not only for industrial applications but also for applied research contexts: in research activities, to tune the set-up defining the optimal ones, as well as configure the different parameters and the filtering types are strategic issues.

Demo video

Click on the monitor to watch a demo video.
Texts are in Italian, but You can turn on sliding captions in English, by clicking the captions icon at the bottom right of the window.

Apis - 3D Lab


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