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HIPER 3D: High Precision Environmental 3D Reconstruction is a sophisticated sensor for performing 3D reconstruction at a wide field of view (up to 360°), that was developed by researchers now in APIS, in collaboration with the National Research Council (CNR) under the SIRRI3D project “Testing and Integration of a system for the detection and 3D reconstruction of infrastructure”, funded by the Italian Ministry of Research.

HIPER 3D is not only characterized by a high accuracy (it reconstructs details with errors lower than 0.2% of their distance), but also by an innovative key strength: it expands the field of view of a profilometer, thanks to a symbiosis between the underlying technology of 3D cameras, and the catadioptric paradigm, which makes use of curved mirrors.
In this way, it is avoided the use of multiple cameras (with consequent cost saving, and simplification of the calibration protocols), while maintaining a high acquisition rate, a feature that is absent in those systems that make use of rotating mirrors, such as range detectors: this rate is critical, because it is directly linked to the scan time of the environment to be inspected.
The research in which HIPER 3D has been developed is documented in various publications, in which is also described the geometric error model, through which you can define the configuration of the design criteria for optimizing every different context application.

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Apis - HIPER 3D