Apis - DUBIO


DUBIO is a pay-for-use service devoted to the photo-voltaic (PV) O&M technicians, responsible of the analysis of radiometric infrared videos acquired by drones over large PV plants, which now can only care about uploading these videos onto www.dubio.cloud, for getting an automatic and accurate diagnosis of each PV module.
In fact, thanks to computer vision algorithms, DUBIO automatically detects and crops the PV modules inside each video frame, associates them to the corresponding ones in the topology of the PV plant, and provides an accurate diagnosis of each PV module (whichever the environmental conditions), evidencing the overheating values, and classifying the typology of (eventual) defects.
All the numerical and graphical results, are therefore collected in a multimedia database, which thus provides the O&M technicians with significant information, useful to monitor the ageing trend of each module of the plant. Moreover, for those PV modules needing deeper investigations, the platform also embeds tools for performing thermal analysis according to conventional approaches, and for launching the automatic diagnostic protocol DiSS, which reveals quantitative information about the thermal behavior of each cell constituting the module.
DUBIO has been developed by APIS with the support of ENEL Green Power.

Demo video

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Apis - DUBIO